Avoiding Meetups, enjoying the beach

I've been working from Bangalore — India's Silicon Valley — for the past couple of months. This was one of my first times properly working from an office. Things are so much more efficient to do when all the relevant people are around. I still prefer to do deep work from home, but I don't feel like I'd be happy letting go of the choice and freedom I have.

I made a small escapade to snag a Teenage Engineering OP-1 off of someone from Goa. Got it for half it's selling price and almost mint condition. The learning curve is quite steep though and I barely understand 10% of it at the moment.

Meet-ups are happening all over the place, but honestly? I've lost interest. I can't pin-point why, but any public gathering with over 5-6 people tends to turn into a who's who pitch-fest. Discussions barely move past small talk and surface level claims.

It's a priviledged stance to take. Especially now since I don't really "need" meetups to further my career, unlike a couple of years ago. But these days I only find joy in speaking to people in very small, contained groups. Letting your guard down is a lot easier than in front of 50 unknown folks on twitter, despite the fact that you follow each other.

After a brief couple of days in Goa, I'm back home for Holi. I want to take a break from work for a bit, but it's hanging on family timelines beyond my control.

Pretty sure I'll want to go back to Bangalore as soon as next week.

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